Monday, March 23, 2009

Annotated Bibliography

Schwartz, W. (1997). Urban School-Community Parent Programs To Prevent Drug
Use. New York, NY: ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education.

The article suggests that a strong parent-school relationship is essential to the development of students. More specifically, the author believes parent involvement is an extremely effective tool when teaching children about drug awareness. The author proposes the most efficient way to keep children clean and safe is through a close, supportive family. In order to achieve this, parents must take an active role in some aspect of their child’s school. This extra effort not only helps the children, it also helps parents become knowledgeable with regard to problems their children may face. The school-parent interaction cultivates communication skills between parent and their children as well as with the school. This communication strengthens bonds that provide stability and a sense of belonging within a family or community. When children are nurtured in this way, they are less likely to give in to the temptations of drugs or gangs because they are already part of something. Love, support, communication, and knowledge are the best drug-combatant.

The author effectively addressed the issue of youth drug use and the importance of effectively teaching drug awareness and provided effective solutions to deter drug use. What was not mentioned was the practicality of those plans. While the thought of a parent having a close relationship with their child’s school is ideal, it is not necessary realistic. There is a reason why many parents, especially in low-income, urban areas, have little contact with their child’s school. Many parents experience both time and money constraints that force them to focus their attention elsewhere. Others stay away because of language barriers. These problems deprive parents of the opportunity to learn how to protect and teach their children. If addressed, this could have been the final piece of the puzzle. Overall, article proposes many interesting and necessary actions that, if implemented, would greatly improve urban communities.

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