Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Media Perception

Suburban: Superbad
Superbad is typical suburbia. Teachers teach while students listen but don’t like it. Students’ minds are typically focused on their social status as opposed to survival or education.
Urban: High School High
High School High is a comedy that pokes fun at all the movie about the inner city in the 90’s. Through humor, it points out and exaggerates all the urban stereotypes given to students, teachers, and schools in movies. Every classroom is uncontrollable, every teacher lost interest in teaching years ago, and the halls are paved with illegal activity. Although some of these stereotypes are true and, in some cases, very sad, this movie uses does a great job of presenting the inner city school as it is typically exhibited in movies.
Rural: Footloose
Footloose takes place in a country town where the inhabitants are simple, god fearing people. Their lessons are less about knowledge and expression and more about conforming and acting proper.
Urban: Boys in the Hood
This song speaks of the dangerous life in the inner city, but also humanizes situations that usually seem like characterizations.
Rural: Sweet Home Alabama
Exhibits the relaxed nature of rural environments. While some portray these people as uneducated fools, this song speaks of their love of life.

Suburban: The Simpsons
The school system in The Simpsons is full of simple-minded, uninterested people (aside from Lisa and one or two others). With regards to the faculty, the teachers have lost the will to teach, the principal can not command respect.
Urban: The Steve Harvey Show
This show takes place in an inner city environment with a humorous twist. The characters face problems associated with inner city living, but the issues dealt with never seem to portray those of other shows in the same surroundings.
Rural: Friday Night Lights
Friday Night Lights takes place in a simple town that is driven by football. It shows a much different world where education isn’t the basis of a child’s life. Whether it is true or not, you always hear about how football is life in places like Texas.

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  1. Your choices are interesting, and unique to the group. I am curious about the news artifacts and the other rural artifacts. How might they complete the picture?